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Digo To Grow Its Premium Publisher Network to 35 Million Hispanics in 2023

Publisher Network Growth: Digo is planning to grow its' brand safe owned and operated and third-party publisher sites to 35 million Hispanics in 2023, Augusto Romano, Chief Executive Officer, of Digo and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer, Digo tell Portada.


Publisher Network growth: Digo is planning to grow its brand safe owned and operated and third-party publisher sites to 35 million Hispanics in 2023, Augusto Romano, Chief Executive Officer, of Digo and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer, Digo tell Portada.

As companies in the media and technology sector are planning for 2023, Portada caught up with Augusto Romano, Chief Executive Officer, Digo and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer, Digo to learn about their company’s positioning and objectives for 2023.

“Our primary objective for 2023 will be to increase our publisher network reach from 25 million to 35 million Hispanics in the U.S., increasing our metrics of quality inventory by attracting more premium publishers sites, a goal tied up to our non-exception policy of sites with a trusted content and brand safe environment,” Digo CEO Augusto Romano notes.

Romano also wants to sustain Digo’s current growth level, which this year has been over 170%. “It is going to be key to nourish and extend our relations with top agencies in the U.S., while maintaining the service levels for which Digo is known for. Last but not least, we look into amplifying our creative services for brands in the middle market interested in connecting with the Hispanic community,” he states.

Publisher Network Competitive Advantages: Brand Safety and First-Party-Data

Augusto Romano, CEO, Digo

Brand safety is a key element of Digo’s offering to advertisers. “First of all, our growth has been achieved by honoring our fundamental principle which states that our network is open only for publishers able to guarantee a brand safe environment and trusted content to brands. Every publisher within our network follows this principle,” Romano maintains.

In addition, another Digo competitive advantage “is our ability to collect first-party data from the interaction of 25 million users within our U.S. ecosystem as well as the capacity to deliver campaigns targeting Hispanics in culturally relevant, transparent and highly trusted sites, allowing brands a broad visibility but within an environment that contributes to their good reputation and leadership.”


Learnings since 2018: Highly Unattended Hispanic Market

We’ve learned that the Hispanic market is highly unattended by leading advertisers and that they recognize the value of safe environments and premium publisher networks to deliver their message. These two factors combined contribute to an environment of great opportunities for our development and growth within the U.S. market.

Guillermo Pérez, CCO, Digo

“Digo has had the opportunity to work with clients across different sectors like education, healthcare, telcos, auto, and insurance, to name a few. Our unit started in February 2022, and there’s already a couple of projects we’re very proud of,” Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer at Digo states.

As an example, Pérez cites the Elevate Campaign for AGM University, a  nonprofit institution of higher education that operates four campuses in the State of Florida. “Elevate” campaign for AGM University, for which we envisioned the opportunity to evolve into a narrative similar to HBCUs – Historically Black College or University-  for our community, segmenting 4 potential audiences. This was a small tactical campaign task that we managed to amplify to a much more ambitious brand purpose.”

Another campaign Pérez and his team at Digo worked on is the  “Mi Alma Matters” campaign for Puerto Rico’s flagship university operation. “We had  great success, with massive enrollment results and very involved branded content. Our concept and theme music became the symbols for the faculty. Even the theme for sports teams,” Pérez asserts.


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