Visits to Apple’s Online Retail Site Jump Prior to New iPhone Unveilings

What: We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the US in September of this year and how they scored in numbers of visitors.

Why it matters: Anticipation over Apple’s release of two new iPhones and major product updates this fall may explain an increase in visitors to its retail site in the US. Visits increased by nearly 1%, continuing an upward trend since July. Visits to the department store retailer Kohl’s site jumped two rankings to outpace visits to Best Buy, Lowe’s and Macy’s.

Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the US, September 2018
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop 939,255
Site Total Unique Visitors
Amazon Sites 198375
Wal-Mart 115506
eBay 107869 Worldwide Sites 73558
Target Corporation 57236
Samsung Group 50125
ETSY.COM 47388
The Home Depot, Inc. 43144
WISH.COM 41739
Kohl’s Corporation 38269
Best Buy Sites 36248
Ticketmaster 35995
Wayfair 31792
Macy's Inc. 29880

(Source: comScore)

Visits to Apple’s online retail site jumped from 7.3% of all visits to the top 15 sites to 8.1% in September, according to the latest rankings from comScore. Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Apple continued to dominate the top four positions in the rankings in that order. The department store retailer Kohl’s managed to move up a position compared to the previous month, from 12th to 10th place. Macy’s took last place in the rankings, the same position it occupied the month before.

  • Macy’s saw a slight uptick in visitors compared to August, but remained in last place at 29,880 visitors in September.
  • Apple has seen an upward trend in visitors to its retail site since July of this year, topping out at 73,558 visitors in September.
  • Ticketmaster dropped two places in the rankings to 12th place in September from 10th place in August, for a total of 35,005 visitors.
  • The Home Depot continues to outpace Lowe’s in numbers of online visitors to its website, seeing 43,144 visitors in September compared to 32,131 for Lowe’s. Lowe’s has announced it will close 47 stores in the US and Canada.
  • Best Buy held on to its 10th place position in September, with a total of 36,248 visits compared to 39,329 in August.
  • Target continues to outpace Kohl’s, Macy’s Best Buy, Lowe’s and The Home Depot in number of online visitors, coming in at 57,236 in September.
  • The majority of all online site visits by shoppers still belongs to Amazon, Walmart and eBay, at 21.1%, 12.2% and 11.4% respectively.

Mark A. Browne

Mark A. Browne

Mark A. Browne is Portada's Marketing Innovation Editor. He is a bilingual (English-Spanish) writer, media relations manager, and content creation professional with an established record providing journalism, copywriting and analytical content services to major publishers, PR agencies and businesses in the United States, Latin America and Europe. His award-winning career as a reporter and editor includes daily and weekly newspaper experience and free-lance writing for major print and online publications.


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