Announcing Portada Los Angeles on May 10: Multicultural Marketing Stars and Much More…

Portada is going to the West Coast! We are excited to announce a full set of speakers and networking opportunities for #PortadaLA at the Loews Santa Monica on May 10. We will be exploring what is next in Multicultural Marketing, Automotive Marketing, Soccer Marketing and much more...


Speakers will include:
ANDREW DELBRIDGE, Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer, Grupo Gallegos
CYNTHIA DICKSON, Associate Director, Multicultural Strategy, Canvas Worldwide
CATARINA GONCALVES, Planning Director, Grupo Gallegos
BRENDAN HANNAN, VP of Marketing and Communications, LA Galaxy
JASON HOWARTH, VP Marketing, Panini America
STEVE JAMES, Executive Director, California Milk Processor Board
JOHN SANDOVAL, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager, Intuit

Topics we will be exploring:
A discussion with got milk? / Toma Leche on what it takes for any brand to relate to multicultural audiences
THE HISPANIC CONSUMER IN 2018: Insights from the 2018 Tax Season
SHIFTING GEARS: What’s Next in the Changing World of Automotive Marketing
THE SOCCER OPPORTUNITY From MLS to World Cup, we will look at the potential for marketers around The Beautiful Game.
HOLLYWOOD AND LATIN AUDIENCES: What brand marketers need to know

Check out our Portada Los Angeles preliminary agenda.

For information on how to align your company with Portada Los Angeles, please reach out to Sales and Marketing Manager, Isabel Ojeda.

Editorial Staff @portada_online

Portada Staff


Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Two years ago, the large-format retail store chain Curacao, headquartered in Los Angeles, began to send out automated emails based on customers’ interactions on Curacao’s website. The results have proven impressive, and Curacao plans to roll out new features offered by its automated emailing tool in the coming months.