Tampico’s Marta Gerdes: “The Key to Marketing is Staying True to the Brand’s Essence While Keeping the Consumer at the Forefront”

What: Tampico has updated its branding for the first time in about 25 years.
Why it matters: A new, refreshed image will help Tampico reach its consecrated consumers, as well as the new generations.

Tampico's Marta Gerdes

When Chicago-based juice company Tampico started selling its citrus punch in 1989, little did its creators know the Citrus Gallon would one day become the number one selling item in the refrigerated juice drink category in the U.S. During the past two weeks, Tampico has introduced a complete redesign to offer a “more fun, adventurous, and uplifting aesthetic.” At Portada we talked to Marta Gerdes, VP of marketing at Tampico, to find out what they are trying to communicate with this new image.

Portada: After 25 years, how did Tampico notice the need for a significant refresh? What's the inspiration behind it?

Marta Gerdes: “At Tampico, we strive to stay relevant and in-tune with consumers and trends, with consumers’ habits, preferences, and choices. As consumers grow with Tampico, it’s of utmost importance that we keep pace. We are a mature brand and, as such, we wanted to stay true to our brand essence and architecture while modernizing our assets. Our inspiration will always be our strengths, values and consumer relevance.”

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Portada: Who is Tampico's main target? What new audiences are you aiming at, or which segments that you already cater to are you trying to strengthen?

M.G.: “Tampico’s primary target is the value consumer, driven primarily by the value mom who is the family’s gatekeeper. Our secondary target within the value brand are millennials/young adults who have grown up with our Brand and whose on-the-go lifestyle set the pace across generations. Our focus is to strengthen the bonds we’ve built with our loyal customers but look to reach and impact juice drink users/buyers and those looking for alternatives to soft drinks.”

 The Hispanic consumer has always been a key demographic target for the Tampico brand.

Portada: What are the Tampico values? How will you convey them through this new image?

The new Tampico image

M.G.: “Tampico’s brand values/character as defined by consumers are: Trustworthy, Irresistible flavors, Blend Masters, Optimistic, Adventurous, Confident, Sociable, Vibrant, Inclusive, FUN. As these are intrinsic to our brand architecture and it serves as a screen for all our consumer communication, they will be at the core of what/how we communicate with consumers across all platforms and initiatives."

Portada: What marketing channels and strategies will you be betting on to reach your target, and how will you measure engagement with the brand?

M.G.: “We will continue to leverage all our social/digital media platforms/purchases, field marketing and retail activation events to further our engagement with consumers. We have business-tracking measurements and brand usage research initiatives in place to monitor the health of the brand and progress along key attributes, attitudes and usage standards.”

Portada: Do you have specific marketing strategies for Hispanic audiences?

M.G.: “The Hispanic consumer has always been a key demographic target for the Tampico brand. We will continue our efforts in strengthening this bond and they will be reached via our focus on the value consumer.”

Portada: According to your experience, what is today's key to marketing?

M.G.: “For Tampico, the key is to ensure we maintain the CONSUMER at the forefront of strategies and tactics. As marketing professionals, we are the voice of the consumer and we strive for it to be loud and clear in all of our business practices.”

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