IMS and P&G Sign Panregional Video Ad Deal

What: IMS will manage P&G's communications in ten Latin American markets across all digital platforms.
Why it matters: The agreement allows P&G to reach audiences through short video ads ensuring brand safety and viewability.

P&G and IMS have announced a commercial agreement with pan-regional aims to spread P&G's marketing communications across all digital platforms exclusively managed by IMS. P&G will reach its audiences through 15, 20, 30 seconds video ads, that will guarantee a CPCV (Cost per completed view) on premium content ensuring brand safety and viewability.

"We are very satisfied with this agreement. P&G is one of the main global advertisers and this deal reflects their trust, along with that of their media agencies, in our commitment with the industry, where top demands are to deliver brand safety, viewability, professionally developed content and transparency in advertising," noted Gastón Taratuta, CEO of IMS. "Our duty with P&G is to communicate their messages to the appropriate audience, at the appropriate time, through a viewable format and in a secure environment".

The agreement will impact ten different Latin American markets where IMS manages platforms such as Spotify, Snapchat, Vevo, EA, Twitch, Twitter, Foursquare, Yahoo, Waze, as well as its own programmatic solution.

"Partnering with IMS provides us access to premium inventory platforms within a brand-safe environment, in our effort to deliver more relevant communication to our audiences, with precision while on a massive scale,"added Alejandro Betancourt Buzás, Latin America Brand Ops Leader at P&G. "We are looking at quickly testing and learning across platforms so that we rapidly expand based on what we find out. The priority will always be to follow our users wherever they are -particularly those underserved by our current media mix- striving to serve them with relevant advertising that features the superiority of our Brands."

[See the press release here]

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