Toyota and Saatchi Create Immersive Print Ad With Car Smell

What: Toyota has teamed with Saatchi & Saatchi to produce a magazine insert promoting the new Camry.
Why it matters: It's the first time an immersive, interactive insert has been made. Its appealing technological features are meant to create interest in the new Camry, and could set a new creative path for other car manufacturers.

In a never-before-seen creative effort, Saatchi & Saatchi has created a 3D handmade insert to promote Toyota's new Camry.

The firm had to request assistance from dimensional print marketing firm Structural Graphics, and putting the print ad together required over 8 months of research. 50,000 inserts were modeled off the interior of the Camry, including all sorts of features to create the illusion of a real experience. Users first open the insert by putting their thumbs on metallic door sensors, which activate a leather scent, measure heart rate, and send data to a monitor that registers heartbeat with accompanying LCD lights and sounds.

Subscribers of the women's lifestyle magazine InStyle received these inserts in its March issue.  This magazine was selected based on Toyota’s and Saatchi’s strong relationship with Meredith, formerly Time Inc., and the magazine’s editorial theme of design and fashion focus.


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Portada Staff


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