CHANGING PLACES LATAM: Enrique Magro, Rodrigo Vargas, Anselmo Ramos…

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

(Looking for your next Career move? Check out Portada's Career Board!), Latin America's first Digital Audio Advertising Solutions company, part of RedMas and a Cisneros Interactive, has appointed Enrique Magro as Commercial Director for Mexico. Enrique will report to Lorena Sánchez, RedMas Mexico Country Manager.





American multinational food manufacturing company Kellogg Co. has appointed Rodrigo Vargas global director of customer development. The executive will move to Michigan, United States, after having worked for the company in Mexico and Argentina.






Agency DAVID’s Miami and Argentina CCOs Anselmo Ramos and Gastón Bigio announced their departure in 2018 to launch their own independent company based in Argentina and the United States, and possibly in Brazil.






Based in Brazil, Fernando Musa, the agency’s third partner,  assumes as Chairman of the company.







Publicis Communications, Publicis Group' creative network, has announced some changes in its Brazilian structure:

Alexandre Gama, CEO of Neogama, is leaving the agency to carry out a personal project.Gama founded Neogama in 1999.

Neogama starts an integration process with Leo Burnett Tailor Made, which will absorb all the agency’s clients except from Renault.





Almundo has announced the appointment of Sofía Ramírez as the new Chief Growth Officer, who will be responsible for designing the company's growth strategy and will work closely with markets, products and technology. Sofia will be exercising her role from Mexico City.

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