Sac Soccer & Entertainment Buys Team Republic FC as Sacramento Bids to be Part of the MLS

What: Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings, led by CEO Kevin Nagle, announced that it has bought  the USL soccer team Sacramento Republic FC.
Why it matters: Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings is also  leading Sacramento's bid to become part of the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Soccer club Sacramento Republic FC will be acquired by Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings, the group led by executive Kevin Nagle that filed a Major League Soccer expansion application in January.  The acquisition of the USL soccer team Republic FC by Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings means that Sacramento has a bigger chance of receiving a  Major  League Soccer (MLS) expansion team. Nagle said this morning, outside of Sacramento City Hall.

All of us want Republic FC to represent Sacramento at the MLS level.

"Today we stand as one club and one community. I thank the Mayor and Warren Smith , Republic FC's president and co-founder, for helping formalize what all of us wanted from day one: that Republic FC represents Sacramento at the MLS level," Nagle said in an official statement.

There are more than ten cities bidding to join the MLS at the moment. The U.S. professional soccer league is expected to announce its expansion teams by the end of the year.

In addition, Sac Soccer & Entertainment announced that it is planning to build a stadium for  Republic FC.
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