NEW REPORT: Soccer Broadcasting Contracts in the U.S

Our new research report describes current soccer broadcasting contracts in the United States for 40 major U.S. and international tournaments as well as for soccer team properties. These properties include Fifa World Cup, Liga MX, MLS as well as many other Latin American and European leagues and national teams.

The "2017 Soccer Broadcasting in the U.S" report describes which broadcast network has the rights for more than 40  sports properties and whether it is for English or Spanish broadcasts as well as when the contract ends. An additional table, outlines the current corporate sponsors for the MLS and the Mexican National Team.
Must have intelligence for sports marketers and media and PR executives.

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Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Curacao’s CMO Ariela Nerubay: Automated Behavioral Emails More Than Double Open and Click-Through Rates

Two years ago, the large-format retail store chain Curacao, headquartered in Los Angeles, began to send out automated emails based on customers’ interactions on Curacao’s website. The results have proven impressive, and Curacao plans to roll out new features offered by its automated emailing tool in the coming months.