Ranking: The 10 Most Visited Sports Sites in Latin America


What are Latin American users' favorite sports sites? How are they different? Are there among users’ priorities? The answers to these questions, according to comScore's September 2016 rankings.

Interestingly, 30% of the unique users who reside in Latin America visited a sports sites in September 2016.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, LatAm, Home and work, PC/Laptop only, September 2016 Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience 197.612
    Sports 58.655
1     Globo Esportes 13.305
2     MSN Sports 7.757
3     UOL Esporte 6.641
4     Yahoo Sports 4.081
5     ESPN 2.991
6     Minute Media 2.974
7     Terra Sports 2.751
8     Marca Sites 2.518
9     AS.com Sites 2.381
10     OLE.COM.AR 2.339

Brazil’s influence stands out: 34% of the visits went to Globo Sports and UOL Esporte (first and third spot in the ranking, respectively) in this category.

Another interesting fact is the classification of the sites visited: on the one hand, users chose to consume sports content through specialized sites (ESPN, Minute Media, Marca, AS, OLE) and, on the other, through the sports sections of horizontal portals such as Globe, MSN, UOL, Terra.This would account for two different kind of users: on one side, the sports categories’ "genuine" user (the one who would visit sports media exclusively) and on the other, the "spontaneous" user, who takes an interest in Sports section while going through other sections  of the same site.


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