MARKETER INTERVIEW: Stephanie Borges on Six Flags Targeting the U.S. Hispanic Consumer

What: Stephanie Borges, VP for North America Strategic Marketing & Partnerships at Six Flags Theme Parks, gave us insight on the park's marketing strategies for reaching Hispanics.
Why it matters: Six Flags Theme Parks is trying to expand by targeting U.S. Hispanics. It is also growing in the Latin American market.

Portada: Why did you decide to reinforce your marketing strategy towards U.S. Hispanics in this particular moment?

SB: The Hispanic market has always been important to us, and with its growth, we have put a dedicated focus on creating unique and innovative platforms in partnership with other brands that want to reach that demographic.

Portada: What have you discovered in these consumers that makes them great clients?

SB: Our research shows that like all of our guests, Hispanics are very family-focused, and want opportunities to spend quality time together.

Portada: How are you approaching U.S. Hispanics?

SB: As a brand, we purchase Spanish-language media in markets across the U.S.. We constantly monitor media consumption and the growth of SL audience delivery and each year, we have increased our SL media investments. From a partner perspective, we have built a variety of in-park Hispanic focused programs like “Festival Latino,” “Cinco De Mayo,” “Día Del Muerto” and “Fiesta Fin De Verano,” through which brands can interact with guests in an endemic and relevant way. As an example, Ortega was a “Cinco De Mayo” partner, utilizing Six Flags's in-park assets, and conducted an on-pack in market retail program. Additionally, Six Flags host concerts with some of the hottest and up-and-coming Latino artists, at which brands like Takis have activated around EDM concerts through sampling and other vehicles.

Portada: What differences have you found in the way you target the Hispanic market compared to your strategy for targeting the general American market?

SB: From a marketing perspective, we recognize the importance of the family and how that connects both with the Six Flags experience but also with moments and mediums we select to reach the Hispanic audience.

Spanish-language TV provides programming that delivers co-viewing, and enhances our opportunity to motivate a family visit to Six Flags.

For example, Spanish-language TV provides programming that delivers co-viewing and enhances our opportunity to motivate a family visit to Six Flags. We will tailor advertising developed in the Spanish-language, but always communicate how Six Flags delivers thrills on a broader level. Our “Go Big” campaign in the general market becomes “A Lo Grande” for the Hispanic market.

Portada: What advertising platforms are you using and which ones have been working best?

SB: Broadcast TV and radio have been our primary mediums for reaching the Spanish-language market. Six Flags buys media on the local level, and these mediums help us reach our local Hispanic markets while tailoring relevant creative for each. Spanish-language TV and radio also offer us the opportunity to bring our brand to life with messages that deliver news, reasons to visit and a sense of urgency.

Portada: You are also growing in Mexico, where you are opening a new water park next year. How important is the Mexican market for you?

SB: The Mexican market is very important for us. Our existing park is the gem in Latin America and we are excited to add a water park in that market that will open in early 2017.

Portada: Are you using similar marketing strategies for reaching out to U.S. Hispanics and Mexicans? Why does it, or doesn’t it, work?

SB: We have found that all cultures across the world understand the language of thrill. At its core, the Six Flags brand is synonymous with delivering thrills for all ages.

We found that staying true to our 'thrill' brand heritage while communicating the brand in a manner that is relevant to each culture and tailored to the market and language is the key to success.

As a result, we have found our park in Mexico City to be one of our top-performing parks, and recently announced the addition of a new water park to open in the spring of 2017.

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