RANKING: The 10 Most Visited Retail Platforms by US Hispanics

What are the preferred retail platforms by US-Hispanics? What consumption categories do they fall into? What are these consumers' priorities? The answers to these questions in comScore's February 2016 report.

68% of Hispanic users with Internet access visited the retail category in February 2016.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, February 2016 Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All 31.150
    Retail 21.146
1     Amazon Sites 11.016
2     eBay 5.800
3     Wal-Mart 4.039
4     Intuit 3.733
5     Apple.com Worldwide Sites 3.466
6     Target Corporation 2.288
7     The Home Depot, Inc. 1.880
8     Google Shopping 1.784
9     Ticketmaster 1.722
10     Best Buy Sites 1.578

Amazon led the category, with 52% of the visits, followed by eBay (which received 27% of the unique users). In third place we find Walmart, visited by 19% of the users.

Finance and taxes were also important to Hispanic residents of the United States: 18% of the users used Intuit in February 2016.

In fifth place came Apple, with 16% of the unique visitors.

Family and home comfort products are important to US Hispanics: 27% of the users in the category visited Target, The Home Depot and Best Buy during the informed period.

In eighth place was Google Shopping, with 8% of the visitors.

Finally, entertainment also played an important part, although it wasn't huge: 8% of the unique users visited Ticketmaster, which came in ninth.


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