Digital Content Ratings – part of Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement framework – provides daily measurement of audiences across all digital content types and platforms, with metrics fully comparable to television. The initial release currently in the market includes measurement of static and video content, spanning desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Measurement of audio content and audiences viewing on game consoles and over-the-top (OTT) devices will be available in a future release. Digital Content Ratings enables a comprehensive view of digital audiences for content, allowing digital and TV publishers to demonstrate and maximize the value of their content, and advertisers and agencies to plan in a better way across screens.

Publishers that participate in Facebook's Instant Articles program will be eligible to have Digital Content Ratings measurement for the article contribute to their total audience, including industry metrics such as audience, page views and time spent.

Additionally, Nielsen will offer measurement of Facebook's Instant Articles to all Digital Content Ratings subscribers as part of its standard service.

Currently, more than 25 Nielsen clients are evaluating their Digital Content Ratings data for video measurement, with another 15+ evaluating for measurement of static content. Many others are on the path toward implementation. The syndicated release of Digital Content Ratings will be introduced to the market in phases beginning in Q2 2016.

"We've been laser focused on delivering Nielsen's Total Audience Measurement to the market and continue to work closely with Facebook and others as they evaluate their Digital Content Ratings data and the insights it offers," said Megan Clarken, President of Product Leadership, Nielsen. "We support our clients' efforts to enhance the user experience across platforms and are thrilled that Facebook has chosen to offer Digital Content Ratings measurement to their Instant Articles partners."