SALES LEADS LATAM: Hilton Garden Inn, KitchenAid, Aquarius…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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  • Hilton Garden Inn

HILHilton Garden Inn has announced the opening of the brand's first hotel in Brazil - Hilton Garden Inn Belo Horizonte in the city's upscale neighborhood of Cidade Jardim, representing an addition to the brand's growing portfolio of more than 665 hotels worldwide. The 272-room hotel is managed by Atlantica Hotels.Located in the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, Hilton Garden Inn Belo Horizonte offers a central location with easy access to Expominas Convention Center, the downtown area, and the sophisticated Lourdes neighborhood.

  • Tres Coracoes/Cia Iguacu Coffee Brands

descarga (6) Tres Coracoes Alimentos S.A. ("Tres Coracoes"), a Joint Venture of Strauss Coffee B.V., and São Miguel Holdings, is announcing the signing of an agreement with Cia Iguaçu, the 2nd market leader of the instant coffee segment in Brazil.Cia Iguacu is a private Company belonging to the Japanese Marubeni Corporation group that has diversified operations, also in the food industry.The agreement between the companies concludes the acquisition of the Cia Iguacu's retail brands of coffee and derivatives in Latin America, including Brazil (the brands; Iguacu, Cruseiro and Amigo) as well as a production agreement.The agreement is subject to regulatory approvals in Brazil.This acquisition will strengthen the leadership of Tres Coracoes group in the Brazilian coffee and its derivatives market. The acquisition enables the company to export other products in its portfolio to Latin America through the well-established export capabilities of Cia Igaucu's trademarks.

  • KitchenAid

images (1)Appliance-maker KitchenAid has picked JeffreyGroup to manage its marketing and communications in Latin America.The agency has worked with the Whirlpool division in the past, including supporting the launch of the Magnetic Drive Blender in eight markets in Latin America and the Caribbean last year with an influencer marketing campaign. KitchenAid has since expanded the firm’s responsibilities to include other products.JeffreyGroup has developed a communications program for this year that describes how the brand plays a part in the lifestyle passions of Latin American consumers, including subjects such as cooking, baking, health, and wellness.The agency works with clients targeting Latin America, including Airbnb, American Airlines, Facebook, and Johnson & Johnson. Its headquarters are in Miami, with offices in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and New York.

  • Aquarius

descarga (5)Aquarius, a Coca Cola Group’s beverage brand, has released its latest campaign “La era de Aquarius” (“The Era of Aquarius,”) which will air in the Southern Cone, Adlatina reports. This is a multiplatform effort with specific content for each of the zodiac signs. The campaign was under Joaquín Cubría and Ignacio Ferioli general direction and directed by Marcelo Burgos.



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