SALES LEADS: Sedano’s, 5 Rabbit Cervecería, Harley-Davidson…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Hispanic market and/or targeting Hispanic consumers right now.

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  • Sedano’s /República

7fbd032d42c6c5e6213487b26c4f8a95_400x400 Miami-based indie agency República has released it new campaign promoting Florida supermarket chain Sedano’s, where it suggests everyone can feel a little more Latin with the help of some rice and platanos. Sedano’s, which has 34 locations in the South Florida/Orlando area, wants to appeal to young people who face the same problem no matter what race or gender they may happen to be: nobody has time to cook! The TV spot will run in both English and Spanish. The campaign includes banner ads asking us how Latin we feel today and a “Latino Meter” that promises to measure just how spicy our personal flavor might be with questions like this one:


  • Publicis

nnnPublicis is restructuring its 2 New York Health Agencies: Publicis Life Brands Medicus and Digitas Health.LifeBrands will be consolidated into one.The two agencies will continue to operate under their current names and share the same building. They will, however, operate as one when it comes to shared accounts. Publicis last week announced a major reorganization of its media agencies.



  • 5 Rabbit Cervecería

mbmbbIn perfect time for Illinois primary, Latino-owned brewery 5 Rabbit Cervecería started bottling a limited run of its "Chinga tu Pelo," a Latin-American insult that literally translates to "fuck your hair."The beer was originally known as "Trump Golden Ale" but was rebranded after founder Andres Araya realized he did not want to brew for the Chicago Trump Tower after Trump's inflammatory, racist comments about Mexican immigrants.



  • Harley-Davidson

descarga (3)Agency Wolfes is behind Harley-Davidson’s latest “Live Your Legend” new global campaign. The 30-second “One Day” opens on a young boy playing in the driveway, whose ears perk up at the sound of a motorcycle. The brand aims to target a younger demographic with “One Day” clearly fits into that profile, though it isn’t targeted specifically at any one demographic.Future spots in the campaign will focus on new and recently launched Harley-Davidson models, such as the Forty-Eight, Iron 883 and  Street Glide Special.

  • Westin Hotels & Resorts

descarga (2)Westin Hotels & Resorts is promoting a new global and more energetic identity.The redesign seeks to mirror in the brand's messaging "For a Better You" tagline.The Starwood Hotels & Resorts new identity includes new and brighter colors producing an editorial feel. Westin invested about US$1 million in its new brand identity.The company, which handled all aspects of the redesign in-house, including video production, was inspired by Instagram and studied other wellness brands for style ideas.The new look and feel will stretch across all hotel assets, from brochures and posters to stationery and key cards. The design will also mix into Westin's social media efforts, and could find its way into some hotel sales and marketing materials.The brand expects its new visual language to live for at least five years and speak to a variety of consumers.


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