Enlace Now Hoy San Diego, Is There an Hoy Orange County in the Making?

What: Enlace, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s weekly Spanish-language publication changed its name to Hoy San Diego. The name change, as well as a format change from broadsheet to tabloid happened on February 13.
Why it matters: Hoy now has newspapers in Los Angeles (daily), Chicago and San Diego and Tribune also owns several other Hispanic targeted print and digital products (including El Sentinel in Orlando as well as TMC products. The big question is whether Tribune will buy The Orange County Register and the Press Enterprise from bankrupt Freedom Communications at an auction scheduled for next Wednesday March 16.

The “Hoy” name also is used in Los Angeles and Chicago for Spanish publications owned by the Tribune Publishing Co., which purchased the Union-Tribune in May 2015. Tribune Publishing also owns the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun.

Hoy logo_3Los Angeles Hoy Publisher Roaldo Moran told TimesofSanDiego.com, that content for Hoy San Diego will be written by San Diego-based reporters, as well as Hoy Los Angeles staff writers. Additional stories will be translated from the San Diego Union-Tribune and Los Angeles Times. No layoffs are planned, said a company spokesperson. “Our reporters will bring exclusive local information that is culturally relevant to the reader,” explained Lilia O’Hara, editor of Hoy San Diego. “We are becoming a stronger instrument to advance the quality of life for Latinos in Southern California.”

Hoy San Diego is delivered to 134,000 households and available at select retail locations and newspaper racks. It will include zone pages for the North and South regions of San Diego County, as well as Riverside and Baja California editions Hoy Fin de Semana, which is another Tribune Publishing Spanish-language publication.

The Union-Tribune also said it will continue to publish Hispanic women targeted magazine Vida Latina San Diego, a Spanish-language entertainment and lifestyle weekly. Vida Latina is available on Thursdays in 600 rack locations in south and central San Diego.

Tribune's Interest in the Orange County Register and the Riverside Press Enterprise

Justin Dearborn, the just appointed new CEO of Tribune publishing, last week suggested that Tribune Publishing remains interested in acquiring the Orange County Register and the Riverside Press Enterprise to add to its Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper holdings in Southern California, but only at a price the company believes to be reasonable. These daily newspapers publish Spanish-language weeklies Excelsior (Orange County Register) and La Prensa (Riverside Press Enterprise). So, taking into account that San Diego's Enlace, a Tribune acquisition, just got rebranded as Hoy San Diego, are we soon going to have an Hoy Riverside and an Hoy Orange County?

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May 2015

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