7 Marketing and Media Predictions for 2016 from Millward Brown

After we published our own predictions for 2016 (and see Batanga Media's CEO Rafael Urbina's take on it), let's check out the 7 predictions below from research firm Millward Brown.

1. Marketers will Unite Sales and Media Touchpoints in New Ways

One prediction in the 2016 report identifies the opportunity for marketers to develop clearer consumer journey maps, from awareness to purchase, in order to better integrate sales and media touchpoints.This opportunity will become possible as digital platforms blur to an unprecedented degree the lines between these two previously separate disciplines, allowing marketers to optimize the consumer journey more than ever before. Three key trends drive this opportunity: the consumer journey becoming device and channel agnostic as people buy at the moment and in the way that best suits them; the transformation of e-commerce sites from pure sales channels into media touchpoints; and the transformation of ad creative that links directly to purchase opportunities on digital channels.

2. Beyond Online and Mobile to Context Based Marketing

In 2016, smart marketers will adopt more sophisticated online and mobile media plans to improve synergies across the overall media mix. Smart marketers will separate social, search, online video, streaming music, gaming and other forms of text and image-based content by the way consumers use them – not by platform. Marketers will differentiate between lean-back activities and more active involvement uses.

3. Smart Brands Will Rethink How to Create Effective Mobile Ads

Mobile presents a massive opportunity for marketers to reach consumers in exciting new ways, but receptivity and creative challenges lie ahead. More marketers will spend higher proportions of their advertising media budgets on mobile, with mobile video being one of the main growth drivers. But, the performance of mobile advertising to date has varied widely and many brands are making big mistakes with execution. Marketers still have a lot to learn in 2016.

4. Header Bidding Will Drive Change in Programmatic Buying

Industry interest in the efficiencies of header bidding will create complexity for the adoption of ad viewability in programmatic buying.Finding the right balance and formula for success when it comes to viewability in the programmatic context will continue to be elusive and will necessitate even greater efforts and collaboration between industry players.

5. Connected TV Won't Kill Linear TV Advertising in 2016

Advertisers are entering an era of precise targeting and subscription funded viewing platforms. We don't see Connected TV posing a threat to traditional advertising models today or this year. But 2016 will be a turning point in video content viewing that will represent real implications for the future of TV advertising.

6. Brands Waste Billions by Failing to Adapt Video Creative Across Formats

Brands will invest more heavily in online and especially mobile video advertising in 2016, but many will fail to adapt their content for different ad formats.Making this new matrix of payment options and formats work requires brands to align their creative assets appropriately. Too many online videos are still repurposed TV spots that have not necessarily been tested for online readiness. Within the online space, the need to generate intrigue, skip resistance and branded impact in the first 2, 5 or 10 seconds also presents three very different structural creative challenges.

Unless format and buying decisions are made early on, and built into the creative briefing process, brands will continue to develop video creative that wastes a significant amount of their media budget.

7. Content Marketing Reaches the C-suite

More brands are becoming content creators. As marketing moves from disruption to attraction, content marketing will move up the corporate agenda in 2016. Content marketing is highly appealing and strongly drives consideration. In 2016, marketers will continue to build a future where brands engage with customers most heavily through content, but they will need to measure its return on investment.

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