Microsoft Expands LatAm Programmatic Deal with AppNexus, Medula Networks to Take Over Direct Sales

What: Microsoft will be increasing its use of AppNexus' publisher suite for programmed ads, expanding from 39 to 58 global markets, many in LatAm. Microsoft Advertising, which used to have a relatively big panregional sales presence out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, will be outsourcing direct sales to Medula Networks, except in Brasil, where they are handled by AOL, and Mexico (Prodigy-MSN).
Why it matters: The announcement means Microsoft is exiting the Latin American market from an ad-sales perspective.

EfWdfyI3_400x400 zAoSLQcc_400x400Through the expansion of the programmatic deal between Microsoft and AppNexus, the latter will become Microsoft's exclusive technology and programmatic sales partner in Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. AppNexus will exclusively represent and be the ad tech platform (programmatic) for Microsoft display and Microsoft app-based ad inventory on MSN, Outlook, Skype, and Xbox, as well as third-party Windows, Windows phone, and Xbox apps inventory within these markets. Direct Sales, panregionally and in all local markets but in Brazil and Mexico (Prodigy/MSN), will be taken over by Medula Networks. Microsoft Advertising's panregional sales team will be dismantled. AppNexus will work with Medula Networks local sales units to direct Microsoft ad inventory in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and panregionally out of Miami.

AppNexus bought Real Media Latin America as a part of its Latin American expansion effort in June of this year.

Microsoft Advertisings panregional direct sales team out of Fort Lauderdale will be dismantled.

Expansion of Programmatic Deal to the rest of LatAm

In July, Microsoft Advertising announced that it will outsource its direct advertising sales to Verizon/AOL in most major global markets, including Brazil, and use direct sales and AppNexus in Spanish-speaking Latin America. The latest announcement expands the amount of Latin American countries where AppNexus will be selling programmatically and puts an end to Microsoft Advertising's direct sales efforts in Latin America. Microsoft Advertising's pan regional direct sales team out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, will be dismantled.

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