Sales Leads LatAm: Toyota, Godrej Argentina, “Idioma madre”…

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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  • Toyota/ Global

descarga"Fueled by Lemonade" is the third spot of the "Fueled By Everything" campaign, created by Toyota to promote its new Toyota Mirai – the first hydrogen powered vehicle in the world, and to educate about the potential of hydrogen as fuel. It is a warm summer evening and several children are trying to sell lemonade. But unfortunately, they fail to sell the product except from their mothers. To take advantage of that lemonade, Toyota and American comedian Nikki Glaser (MTV, Conan, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) tell them they can do something else instead of throwing it, like use it as fuel drinkin. The spot was directed by award-winning filmmaker Morgan Spurlock .Each spot shows the search for unexpected sources of hydrogen. Prior to “Fueled by Lemonade”, there were other versions like Fueled by Bullshit and Fueled by Oil Creek. With each episode, on Toyota Mirai’s website(, users can find more information about hydrogen, its potential and the processes that are under way for its current production.

  • Godrej Argentina

Midiologos has been chosen by Godrej Argentina to handle media strategies for its colouring, hair Care and body care business. It will serve 919, Issue, Roby, Villeneuve and L'eau Vive brands.The account direction will be led by Vicky Elias who, along with her team, is already working on the implementation of the first work for Issue coloration.

  • “Idioma madre”/Argentina

Under Peta Rivero y Hornos general creative direction, Human presents its new campaign for Cepita del Valle. "Idioma madre"("Mother Language") looks to pass affection of the offline world to the online world: it focuses on the unique language between mothers and children. To achieve this, Human has specifically created a website  for the campaign, in which all mothers are invited to write the words their children told them and thus, giving way to the "Libro del Cariño"("Book of Honey".)The producer was Rebolución.

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