Unique Users Ranking: The 20 most visited sites by U.S. Hispanics


In the ranking of the 20 most visited sites by Hispanics living in the U.S., Google and Facebook take the first and second positions, respectively. Professional content destinations as opposed to user generated content sites as well as lifestyle and how-to properties are very popular among Hispanics.

While this may be obvious to many, what really calls the attention about the below ComScore rankings are certain habits of U.S. Hispanics  that would differentiate these users’ behaviors from those living in Latin America.

Preference for third party content destinations, as opposed to user generated content sites, and a strong audiovisual bias are features of the digital consumption behaviors of Hispanic audiences.  This is reflected by the presence of recognized TV and cable companies among the most visited websites such as Comcast NBC Universal, CBS Interactive and Turner Digital. In addition, Hispanics like to consume content that provides answers to everyday questions related to lifestyle, religious beliefs, and the development of different personal skills (particularly strong among Millennials), as the shown by the presence of Mode Media (former Glam), Ask Network and About.com  in the below ranking.

Total Unique Visitors (000)
Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S. Hispanic All, Home and Work, Top 20 properties May-14 May-15 % Change
   Google Sites 26,037 26,049 0
   Facebook 19,033 19,074 0
   Microsoft Sites 22,917 18,189 -21
   Yahoo Sites 22,615 18,020 -20
   Amazon Sites 10,290 11,591 13
   AOL, Inc. 11,447 10,967 -4
   Mode Media 9,631 9,134 -5
   eBay 7,005 7,604 9
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites 6,301 7,592 20
   Apple Inc. 8,237 7,063 -14
   Comcast NBCUniversal 5,920 6,245 5
   Turner Digital 7,752 6,181 -20
   CBS Interactive 6,130 5,887 -4
   Ask Network 7,366 5,531 -25
   craigslist, inc. 4,702 5,371 14
   About 5,743 4,706 -18
   Wal-Mart 3,135 4,527 44
   TWITTER.COM 4,498 4,288 -5
   Linkedin 4,492 4,156 -7
   Adobe Sites 2,972 4,069 37

Comment: The first four properties lead the ranking with a total  of 43.66% of unique users - in relationship to the  total amount of unique users of the top 20 sites - in the month of May 2015 (2.5% less compared to May 2014) .Google ranks first with nearly 14% of users in 2015. Facebook and Microsoft follow, with about 10% and 9.7% respectively. Yahoo ranks fourth with almost 9.5% of users that year.

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