Changing Places LatAm: Alvaro Rodigues, Julian Andrade, Juan Chappa, Cecilia Costa…

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

::: Alvaro Rodigues - Associação Brasileira de Propaganda ::: Julian Andrade, Juan Chappa, Cecilia Costa - Raya ::: Telefe - Javier Oruezabala  ::: Asociación de Marketing Directo e Interactivo- Lina Zubiria :::

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descarga (2)Alvaro Rodigues is the Associação Brasileira de Propaganda new president. The president and partner of Africa Rio heads the new board of APB, an institution that brings together a lot of advertisers and media in Brazil. Rodrigues  worked for various agencies like Giovanni FCB, Ogilvy, VS and Doctor Propaganda. He was creative director at Agência3, and  then president for four years. He was also partner and creative vicepresident at DM9Rio. He is currently the president of Africa Rio.

Julian Andrade and Juan Chappa are the new directors of Raya’s Films área in  Argentina. Cecilia Costa joins as new producer.

unnamed40Andrade has 8 years of experience and more than 150 works made for Central America, Brazil and Argentina in various advertising campaigns.




unnamed-134Chappa has a specialization in advertising management and video clips, but has also directed several advertising pieces.





staff-10Cecilia Costa Racedo will work together with the two new directors.




descarga (1)Telefe's business division, lead by Guillermo Campanini, has announced the promotion of executive Javier Oruezabala to multiplatform business manager.Oruezabala will report directly to Santiago Perincioli.He will coordinate the management and negotiation of multiplatform advertising sales.Javier has an Advertising degree from the University of Belgrano and joined Telefe in 2009. Previously has worked in agencies such as Mindshare and FWK.

Lina ZubiriaThe Direct and Interactive Marketing Association in Argentina(AMDIA) has appointed Lina Zubiria as general manager.She will be in charge of positioning AMDIA as  regional leader in the sector, incorporate new partners and articulate the various committees within the Association.Zubiria has a degree in Human Resources Administration of UADE, where she also earned an MBA, and is a doctoral candidate in sociology at UCA.


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