#PortadaLat Speaker Tomás Salvagni (Clarin): “Ad-Tech Picked Up Fast in Latin America”

Salvagni.2In the second of our series of interviews with #Portadalat Speakers (the Latin American Advertising and Media Summit and the Latin Online Video Forum in Miami on June 3-4), we talked to Tomás Salvagni, Commercial Manager at Grupo Clarin's AGEA.  Salvagni explains how he sees the development of Ad-Tech in Latin America and describes the main challenges he sees in order to accelerate its adoption.

Portada: First of all, what is your Current role at Agea and what is Agea?
Tomás Salvagni, Commercial Manager at Agea: "AGEA is a company of Grupo Clarín which manages the newspapers, magazines, printing and digital business of the Clarín Group. The Group ranks among the top five per audiences reached by Argentina's Grupo Clarin. It is the leader in Argentina in Print, Digital and Mobile. Grupo Clarín has other companies, which lead in the businesses of Cable Distribution, TV, Radio and Content Production. I am the Commercial Manager at AGEA, reporting directly to the General Manager and responsible for the commercial strategy and execution, including marketing and sales, for every platform and brand."

Portada: Can you tell us a bit about your career and how and where you learned the skills for your current role?
Tomás Salvagni: "I have a degree in Business Administration from Argentina and a Master at Thunderbird Arizona. I started my career as a product manager at Molinos, the main food company in Argentina,  and migrated to Clarín 15 years ago, where I began managing the marketing of the Classified Business. There I started to get involved with Digital, buying and developing portals for Automotives, Real Estate and Employment. Today we are leaders in Real Estate and have an important presence in Automotive and Employment. I started by selling digital at Clarín.com for a short period in the year 1999. Later, after an integration of the business, I was promoted to Commercial Manager and started to commercialize our main portals: Clarín, Ole, GranDT; and we developed Entremujeres among other sites. I am constantly learning in this fast-moving industry and trying to keep up the company not only in leading audiences, but also in technology and commercialization."

When it comes to mobile we are standing behind.

Portada: At what stage is the adoption of Ad-Tech in Latin America?
Tomás Salvagni: "Ad Tech came in fast to Latin America. We are used to see new developments coming to LatAm some years later than to most developed markets, but with digital this has changed very fast. However, the development of the mobile infrastructure is slow and when it comes to mobile we are standing behind. We are a relevant and well-known Publisher in Latam, and different technology suppliers contact us very often in order to offer us their solutions for online advertising. These suppliers are mostly interested in increasing our inventory, providing tools of Big Data, advertising data manager, native ads platforms, programatic platforms, etc."

Native Advertising and Content is a topic of conversation between us and the newsroom.

Portada: What are the main challenges when it comes to accelerate this adoption?
Tomás Salvagni: "The challenges are the scarce human resources and Argentina's weak currency. People in Argentina work for the rest of the world and we are all competing to hold that know how. The good part of it, is that there is a really advanced digital cluster in Argentina that helps to speed the developement. We try to learn every day by testing different tools and comparing the results.We are very curious and open-minded when we explore opportunities, and we are constantly evaluating new projects."

Portada: Native Advertising and Content Marketing is growing a lot. How does Agea reflect this in its product offerings?
Tomás Salvagni: "We are not where we would like to be in native and content marketing yet, but I believe it´s going to be a really important portion, we need to keep improving all the revenue sources. Native Advertising and Content is a topic of conversation between us and the newsroom, in the last 3 months. We are constantly working to promote this kind of formats in the market.

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