PORTADA’S 2015/2016 PANREGIONAL REPORT is out! Market to grow to US$ 611 million by 2018!


Portada's 2015/2016  Panregional (Latin American) Advertising and Media Report is out! Portada expects the Panregional Advertising and Media sector to grow at an annual compounded rate of 4.2% until 2018 to an aggregate volume of U$ $611 million. For the first time, and due its increasing significance, the report includes Content Marketing as a separate category.

Panregional Advertising and Marketing Volume Projections (2014 - 2018)

2012 2013 2014e  2015e 2016e 2017e 2018e
Total Volume
(in US$ mill)
415.53 438.27 465.20 477.61 517.89 551.89 611.06
Y/Y Growth (excl. Content Marketing) 4.24% 3.70% 4.39% 1.00% 6.70% 4.89% 9.00%

What You will Learn By Reading the Report:

  • Detailed growth and volume projections of 10 different Ad-Categories and Content Marketing Categories
  • In-depth growth and volume projections for 6 different Media Categories
  • Growth Drivers per each Ad Category and Media Category
  • Degree of Interdependence between Content Marketing projects and panregional Media Buying (Survey based)
  • Main panregional Advertising and Media Centers (Geographic, Survey based)
  • Breakdown of the Growth of the Digital Media Category  into 5 subcategories

... and much more!

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