Research: 2015 Super Bowl Ads Social Media Impact grows by 27%

2015 Super Bowl Ads substantially increased their Social Media impact compared to 2014 as measured by social actions and earned views across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, according to data from social media real-time data provider Budweiser, BMW and Universal Pictures were among the top brands. For more detailed information just take a look at the tables below!

Super Bowl Activity, Year over Year

2014 2015 % increase
Total Earned Views 178,721,215 215,531,529 21%
Total Social Actions 5,958,914 7,538,677 27%
Budweiser Puppy - Views 35,226,700 46,057,695 31%
Budweiser Puppy - Social 1,728,230 2,359,791 37%
*Facebook accounted for 40% of video viewing and the rise in social actions


Super Bowl Ads ranked by Social Activity  (Game Day)

Brands that generated 1mm Views on Game Day
Brand Title Earned Views Social Actions
Budweiser Lost Dog 4,181,812 4, 304,773
BMW Newfangled Idea 3,887,074 7,449
McDonald's Pay With Lovin 2,825,185 191,284
Snickers The Brady Bunch 1,974,683 47,472
T-Mobile Kim’s Data Stash 1,831,615 82,412
Always Like a Girl 1,586,543 312,281
Coca-Cola Big Game 1,295,188 99,384
Mercedes-Benz Fable 1,164,357 7,841
Bud Light Coin 1,161,710 49,126
Discover Card Goat Surprise 1,034,905 21,612

Top 20 Ads of the Super Bowl, ranked by digital share of voice 

Brand Ad Title Earned Views Social Actions
Budweiser Lost  Dog 46,057,695 2,359,791
Universal Pictures Minions Super Bowl 2015 10,680,851 614,660
Bud Light Coins 14,507,339 227,650
T-Mobile Kim’s Data Stash 15,230,551 165,320
Snickers The Brady Bunch 10,802,529 224,340
McDonald’s Pay with Lovin 6,863,182 302,354
Paramount Pictures Terminator Genisys Super Bowl 2015 7,218,770 282,541
Always Like a Girl 2,037,795 330,038
BMW Newfangled Idea 10,047,708 36,373
Budweiser Clydesdale Beer Run 4,588,648 151,315
Joyful Heart Foundation 911 Delivery 4,936,910 125,716
Carl’s Junior Au Naturel 6,881,724 61,459
Coca-Cola Big Game 1,952,903 129,259
Universal Pictures Furious 7 Super Bowl 2015 642,619 153,613
Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football 2,215,207 99,083
GEICO Push it: It’s What you Do 2,792,378 33,579
Pepsi Hyped for Halftime: Cutest Halftime Show Ever! 3,326,923 56,932
Toyota How Great I Am 3,326,611 52,421
Old Spice Nightmare 3,512,015 51,653
*share of voice is determined by measuring all the viewing social actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as search activity.


Celeste Martorana @celesmartorana

Celeste joined Portada’s team in 2014. Since then, she has been working as an editor for Portada’s English-language website and compiling information for Portada’s Databases.


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