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January 12, 2015

CES 2015: Five Trends that could change Advertising

As weary ad execs wandered home from CES 2015, we took a look at what this mother of all consumer electronics shows revealed about the future of advertising. We identified five trends that we think will matter for advertisers in the years to come, and checked in with three smart executives to get their thoughts.

9 Hispanic Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

9 New Year’s Resolutions every Marketer targeting the Hispanic population should make. As compiled by Portada’s Editorial Team. 9 key themes brand marketers should take into account to propel their Hispanic Marketing forward in 2015.

Who and what is Eikon Digital?

We recently reported about the exclusive deal DSP Dataxu signed with Eikon Digital. But what is Eikon Digital. Is it a new agency and tech company targeting the U.S. Hispanic and LatAm space? What, if any, is its relationship with Orange? Portada interviewed Alejandro Rodriguez, CEO of Eikon Digital in the USA, until recently SVP of Advertising Services at Orange Americas, for Eikon Digital to find out.