SoloEntreAmigas, P&G’s Latin American Teen Content Marketing Program

How are major marketers doing content marketing to engage their Latin American target consumer? One example is ximena.p&gSoloEntreAmigas, a P&G site "aimed at girls between 13 and 24 years of age, where a variety of articles, videos, chats and quizzes can be found. "It is about providing them guidance as they undergo the complex changes that every  girl experiences when she is becoming a woman, says Ximena Moreno, Key Account Sales Manager for Procter & Gamble,  in the book edited by Joe Kutchera, E-X-I-T-O (“SUCCESS”): Your digital marketing strategy in 5 steps.


soloentreamigasSoloEntreAmigas is part of the Girls World Daily "content syndication program that is present  in 43 countries and in Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. In 2011, SoloEntreAmigas went through a global relaunch in Latin America led by Ximena Moreno.


The site, sponsored by the Tampax and Always brands, sought to become a community where relationships between users and brands were set through different experiences and contests.

In Moreno’s words, the challenges were two: "1) provide a more modern, fresh and innovative site that is appealing to the target audience and, 2) To unify platforms across different regions to ensure easy and rapid evolution.. Using modular architecture the new strcuture would allow to leverage the use of video platforms, to integrate  social networks and to facilitate eCommerce. "


For the relaunch in Latin America, Ximena Moreno says in E-X-I-T-O (“SUCCESS”) that "The most important thing was to understand the content needs of our clients, to define  the content, decide which sections to group together as well as to make a  fresh design to provide SoloEntreAmigas a younger and more feminine look and feel in order to reflect each day in  an adolescents life. "

The project was guided on global agencies, but we provided a local touch that was revised by the legal team.

During the relaunch process, Ximena Moreno and Karen Ronquillo (brand manager for P&G) worked as Style Editors, Search Optimizers and also as Creatives. "The work was based on the guidance of global agencies and their strategies, but giving it a local touch revised by the legal team," Moreno explains.


SoloEntreAmigas sources its content from regional and national specific content generators. "Their job is to keep the site updated and suggest content based on their own research or experience as specialists. Thus we know that what is being posted on our site, will not only entertain girls, but also be useful because it was created by experts, "says Moreno.


tampaxIn Latin America, the site is sponsored by Always and Tampax, both Procter & Gamble brands (in other regions, there are other brands related to adolescents personal care participating.) "The role of the sponsoring brands is to provide expert content on the topic of relevant sections, and share details about their product line, in this case, feminine protection," says Moreno. The sponsored content is inside an additional section, called "Products", to avoid to be mix edwith other content.


According to Moreno, "SoloEntreAmigas has reached high levels of engagement with its audience, with an average of 6.5 minutes spent on the site. Moreover, the redesign includes regular standard surveys (ForeSee) performed to understand how well they meet the expectations of consumers, achieving a rating of 80/100." "On the other hand, the highest recognition we have received is to see all the comments from girls on the site: some congratulating us and others encouraging us to keep on improving," Moreno concludes.

Read this article in Spanish: Marketing hacia Latam-Solo Entre Amigas - Procter & Gamble

The information referred to in the following article was taken from Joe Kutchera’s  book E-X-I-T-O (“SUCCESS”) : Your digital marketing strategy in 5 steps. The authors have donated 100% of the profits from the book to the nonprofit organization "One Laptop Per Child". The authors provide a sample of the book with some chapters and audios to Portada readers here.

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