Portada´s Q&A: Fernando Monedero – MEC “I´d bet on any Data Management Platform next year”

Fernando Monedero colorPortada talked with Fernando Monedero, who was recently appointed LatAm Regional Digital Director of MEC. As we announced three days ago, Monedero was working for Havas in Miami as SVP Managing Director. He tells us about his new responsibilities at MEC and what he expects for upcoming years.

Portada: Could you tell us a little bit more about your new responsibilities?

Fernando Monedero: "As LATAM Regional Digital Director, I will work on translating MEC’s global digital vision and increasing our digital footprint across the region; driving MEC growth and recognition. I will support the region with a range of digital projects including fully integrated campaigns, paid media, search, social, content, performance and mobility. Working with my colleague Jose Miranda (head of Analytics and Insight, joined MEC 8 weeks ago) we’ll create, oversee and implement measurement programs where we have gleaned insights from campaign data and made optimization recommendations to the client. I will be responsible for inspiring the agency on new digital opportunities for clients and identifying how current programs can be enhanced with digital initiatives, developing agency digital strategy, product development and training, among much more. In a nutshell? Create a thriving digital culture."

In a nutshell? I will be responsible for creating a thriving  digital culture.

Portada: What are your goals for this year? And 2015?

Fernando Monedero: "This is a winning team and  one of my goals is to be a part of that new business success, driving growth for our business. Another is to drive growth for our current clients especially in all things digital; inspiring integration, innovation and making digital a strategic imperative."

Portada: If you have to bet on one digital platform in the Latin American market for next year, which one would it be and why?

Fernando Monedero: "I would say any Data Management Platform. I believe that it is crucial to understand how to leverage a marketer’s own data and supplement it with second party publisher data and third-party data to build a richer audience profile for developing insights and targeting."

Portada: What do you expect for the programmatic buying in Latin America for next year? And the next five years?

Fernando Monedero: "I believe that programmatic buying can help publishers optimize their relationships with marketers and deliver higher ROI; being able to identify in real-time the person who is most likely to buy your product or service can save millions of ad dollars and dramatically boost ROI. I think the programmatic buying model will increase, as more and more media from news and magazine publishers, TV, radio and even print advertising become internet connected and increasingly absorbed via the internet, programmatic marketing will become more and more the norm. But the future will be what we at MEC call Audience Architecture, designing the best audiences for brands – that’s where MEC will be leading the pack."

Audience Architecture is the future, designing the best audiences for brands.


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Portada Staff


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