#PortadaLat: The Online Video Forum has started! 1° panel “TV will turn into digital media”

#PortadaLat has now begun, with the Online Video Forum and a presentation by Portada’s publisher, Marcos Baer, on central points that will be addressed during the LatAm Summit: programmatic buying, online video, the relationship between technology and marketing, as well as content marketing, among other topics.

Baer introduced the panel with the question, "What should we think about the reliability of online video metrics today?" In this field, he said, we are “in something like the Wild West."

After Marcos Baer’s presentation, the panel began with an introduction by moderator Cynthia Evans, managing director of Group M Latin America, and initial remarks on "What is content video" from each of the panelists: Artie Bulgrin, SVP global research & analytics, ESPN; Josh Chasin, chief research officer, comScore; and Marilyn Aldir, digital director of Editorial Televisa.

196187fArtie Bulgrin (photo), SVP global research & analytics, ESPN, noted that what ESPN seeks is to offer content through a range of different platforms, so they will be available to viewers all the time. That means it is "very hard to measure this, it’s very hard to measure chaos," he pointed out. Bulgrin added that "we’re used to a digital world where we measure everything."

"What we need to measure is ‘how many, how often, how long’ on the different screens," Bulgrin stated. "What is our situation now? I think we’re close to a way of measuring this in multiple platforms."

Bulgrin noted out that "50% of our sales are multi-platform."

jcFor his part, Josh Chasin (photo), chief research officer, comScore, stated that comScore is working to "be the best in the class" and to be able to measure outcomes in the different multi-platforms. He also observed that "TV is becoming a digital medium, if it isn’t already – that is what we’re going to see and what we have to work with in terms of metrics."

The third panelist, Marilyn Aldir, digital director of Editorial Televisa, said that today it is no longer possible to think in terms of TV audience alone, given the interaction occurring with digital media at the same time. "These days the challenge is to sell multi-platform advertising; we need to be able to measure interactions and engagement," Aldir stated.

In response to Cynthia Evans’ question about how to measure frequency during a campaign, all of the panelists agreed that this is the core of the problem. The panel ended with questions from the audience.

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Portada Staff


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