Moguldom Media launches for acculturated Hispanic moms

What: has just been launched by Moguldom Media Group. The new site targets acculturated Hispanic mothers with issues that are relevant to them.
Why it matters: There is scarcity of online content for acculturated Hispanics and Moguldom Media is trying to fill the gap.  As the recent closure of shows, it is not clear yet, whether sites targeting acculturated Hispanics can be viable businesses.

latinamadreDigital media company Moguldom Media is launching  a new site targeting acculturated Hispanic mothers in English." hopes to be entertaining, inspiring, and useful to Latina moms throughout the U.S. We’d like to maximize their time online by exploring issues that are relevant to them as mothers, wives, lovers, fashionistas, working women and smart individuals seeking the best for their families and their communities," Christian Gonzalez, Chief Revenue Officer at Moguldom Media Group tells Portada. Gonzalez adds that soft-launched on January 22, 2014 and is expected to rapidly grow in unique visitors as it deploys its marketing strategy."

Sarah Munoz, a former editorial director of HCP Aboard Publishing, will act as’s content and editorial management expert. Munoz has honed her skills putting together custom publications and digital products for airlines, business associations and international hospitality brands. In addition, Christian M. Gonzalez has been named Chief Revenue Officer, Sugey Palomares as Deputy Editor of Lossip, and Evelyn Melendez-Payne as Hispanic Sales Specialist.

The editorial direction is to be both informative and fun.


According to Gonzalez,'s editorial direction is to marry useful info with lighter fare -- to be both informative and fun. "Remember that we're reaching out to US-based Hispanic moms (and if they come from other Spanish-speaking countries, that would be great too and provide these moms with interesting and hopefully practical info. These are the moms that are leading the way right now and we should reach out to them from a more educated standpoint."Gonzalez adds that there are many types of Latina women and mothers, and there should be an online platform that resonates with them and echoes their authentic and influential voice."

Moguldom, emphasis on content for the acculturated Hispanic audience

Moguldom Media Group's mission is to develop groundbreaking brands and content at scale for multicultural audiences and to deepen audience engagement through innovation. The company traditionally has focused on the African-American market where it owns and operates sites including and
Moguldom Media recently opened a Hispanic division."Our division is focused on producing authentic and relevant content to the acculturated Hispanic audience, an audience that is not being adequately engaged at by marketers online, today, because of a lack of online environments to reach this audience at scale, Moguldom fills this void", says CRO Gonzalez.  Before launching, Moguldom already had another Hispanic property called, which, according to Gonzalez drives more traffic than MTV's Tr3s and NBC Universal's Mun2. "The site is on par to generate more than a million unique visitor’s according to comScore and maintain its competitive stronghold over the aforementioned sites."

Moguldom also has a presence in Africa. In order to serve the interests of business people, who need an international platform to understand the financial climate and business activity occurring in the continent, Moguldom created site functions as an African Business News hub, where readers come to learn more about what is happening in Africa regarding technology, politics, real estate and so forth. "As far as our presence in Africa, we’re already growing a large readership, and we’ve only been live for 6 months (1M pageviews/month and 260K Uniques/month). So far, our top readership in the continent exists in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. Of course, people in the UK and the U.S. are some of our top readers as well. Our editorial headquarters for is in Nairobi and we'll have an office in Johannesburg in a few months," Gonzalez concludes.

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Portada Staff


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