Comscore expands Cross-Platform Measurement Service in partnership with CIMM

What: Comscore, in partnership with CIMM, will expand its cross-platform measurement service across TV, radio, desktop, smartphone and tablet.
Why it matters: The development of new capabilities includes the measurement of multi-platform advertising, mobile video, time-shifted viewing and children’s viewing.

COMSCOREimagesComScore, in partnership with the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), will expand its cross-platform measurement service. The industry will provide unified measurement of media usage on a national scale across TV, radio, desktop, smartphone and tablet. This will allow media companies, marketers and advertising agencies to experience the service for their brands as well as to open it to  CIMM member companies.

Those CIMM members that participate include ESPN, Disney ABC Television Group, Fox Broadcasting Co., NBC Universal, CBS Corporation, A&E Networks, Turner Broadcasting System Inc., Univision Communications Inc., Viacom, Publicis Groupe, GroupM, and Omnicom Media Group, among others.

From this expanded offering new capabilities will be developed, including the measurement of:

  • Multi-platform advertising
  • Mobile video
  • Time-shifted viewing (i.e. DVR playback)
  • Children’s viewing

The expanded cross-platform measurement service will leverage both person-level TV viewing data and Set-Top Box viewing data, which includes viewing behavior from more than 5 million households. Furthermore, it will also use both panel and census-based methods to measure online and mobile video viewing.

Accurate accounting of media consumption at a granular level across the network, show and telecast level will be delivered, thereby providing the scale required by media companies and advertisers. Comparable cross-media metrics, such as duplicated and unduplicated audience size and composition, duration, reach/frequency, and GRPs/TRPs, will also be featured in the reporting provided to clients.

These innovations were built upon comScore’s pioneering methods of addressing the cross-platform measurement challenge during its initial phase, known as Project Blueprint. Blueprint, which was done in collaboration with Arbitron and ESPN ,expanded comScore’s  existing multi-platform audience de-duplication methodology for desktop, smartphone and tablet internet usage to TV and radio in order to deliver the industry’s first unified view of these five major media platforms.

“In teaming with CIMM and our other collaborators, we look forward to expanding our cross-platform measurement service to help solve the media industry’s foremost challenge of measuring audiences for content and advertising in today’s multi-platform world. The expansion of this service seeks to address some of the more important challenges, such as multi-platform ad exposure and measurement of mobile video and time-shifted video,” President of comScore Serge Matt said.

Jane Clarke, Managing Director, CIMM, commented: “CIMM played an early role in funding and conducting cross-platform research, which ultimately brought comScore, Arbitron and ESPN together to collaborate on a successful five-platform measurement service, Blueprint. Now, CIMM is eager to bring other CIMM member companies together to work with comScore to determine the feasibility of syndicating the service industry-wide.”

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