Henry Zamarripa on the Yahoo! Colombia – US Media Consulting deal

We recently published that Miami headquartered media placement firm US Media Consulting will take over sales representation for Yahoo! Colombia. We talked with Henry Zamarripa, Regional Sales Director for Latinamerica & the Caribbean at Yahoo, about the deal.

Zamarripa tells Portada that US Media Consulting sales representation of Yahoo! Colombia "is a long-term project.""We are focused on growing our presence in the country," Zamarripa says. Through the agreement, US Media Consulting will market the homepage (co.yahoo.com), emails, mobile advertising and search page (search). " The agreement is with US Media Consulting only for Colombia, although Yahoo does not sign exclusivity agreements it does respect trade representation, so US Media Consulting becomes our commercial arm in Colombia."

US Media Consulting becomes Yahoo's commercial arm in Colombia.

Zamarripa adds that Yahoo's regional sales team in Latin America will continue to support US Media Consulting directly in those scenarios where required  and that Colombia remains a priority for Yahoo: "We know the potential the Colombian market has and Yahoo’s relevance in the country. That is why we decided to look for a strategic partner that meets the conditions required to represent us with absolute responsibility for the US Media Consulting path in the last ten years in the region was reason enough to join us in this long-term project."

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