Research: Small business websites mobile traffic skyrockets

What? According to a recent study by Let's Eat the share of mobile visits to restaurant sites has increased substantially.
Why it matters? The trend implies that small business websites can maximize their efforts by only investing in mobile sites (as opposed to desktop sites).

Photo: Wally Gobetz  License Creative Commons

Photo: Wally Gobetz
License Creative Commons

The share of  mobile visits to restaurant sites (as a % of overall website visits)  has risen to 43 % during the last four years. On weekends, the number approaches 50% of total visits.

Percentage of traffic to restaurant websites that is mobile, 2009-2013.Source: Let's Eat

In 2014, many business owners may skip desktop website design altogether and go for 100% mobile. The reason being that the expense of hiring designers is high particularly to small business’ budget.

With a rising number of clients accessing business sites through Android or iPhones, design costs and optimization for mobile can be easily afforded from the very beginning. Traffic to restaurants websites platforms has spread out to 14,000 restaurants since 2009, according to web designer Goro Harumi's findings.

Mobile usage varies depending on the city. The Chicago area has the highest percentage of restaurant customers using mobile devices, that is 48%. San Francisco has only 41%.

This trend among restaurant customers may influence other business customers too. That is a reason why business owners should get ready to invest in mobile sites.

Restaurant Mobile traffic by metro area  (Oct.2012-Oct.2013)





New York


Los Angeles




San Francisco






Grand Rapids


Mobile traffic to web sites varies by metro region.
Source : Let's Eat

Source: Venture Beat


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