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People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

Shailesh Rao - Twitter - Latin America ::: Katie Jacobs Stanton - Twitter Latin America ::: Fred Medina - BBC ::: Paul Dempsey - BBC ::: Karen Harrison - BBC :::  Alejandra Olea - BBC ::: Janel Downing - BBC ::: Rafael Alamo - BBC :::

Twitter has made some changes in its executive team for International Sales. VP of international sales Shailesh Rao will move from San Francisco to Singapore, to head up direct sales for Latin America, the Asia-Pacific and emerging markets regions. Katie Jacobs Stanton, vice president of international growth, will also move to one of Twitter’s European offices.

BBC Worldwide announced a new leadership team for its Business and Operational Units in the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America based in Miami. All new executives will be reporting to Fred Medina, Executive VP and General Manager of BBC Worldwide for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. Medina reports to Paul Dempsey, president of Global Markets at BBC Worldwide.

Karen Harrison is the new VP of Finance, she will be in charge of developing and managing all aspects of the financial performance  of BBC in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. Harrison joins BBC Worldwide after having worked at Bilzoo Media & Broadband as CFO.

Alejandra Olea, is the new VP of Integrated Sales. Olea will be leading the team responsible for channel distribution, program and format sales and will also be responsible for supervising the development of  additional revenue streams. Olea most recently worked at DIRECTV Latin America.

Janel Downing is the new Director of Formats and Coproductions and will be reporting to Olea.  David Hanono is the new Director for Digital Development. In this newly created position Hanono will be leading the development of the digital business in the region. Prior to BBC Worldwide Hanono was Director of Sales Development for Mobile at Univision Communications.

Rafael Álamo, is the new Human Resources Manager. Alamo will be in charge of personnel management and organizational culture.The following executives were already part of the BBC team for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market and will continue to do so. Gareth Williams, VP Brand Services. Sergio Leos, VP Marketing and Advertising Sales, Alessandro Stroscio, VP Consumer Products, Alexander Torres, VP Commercial and Legal Affairs, Frank Novo, Director of Operations and Viviana Rubinstein, Director of Communications and Public Relations.

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