Hispanic TV Upfronts Randy Falco: ‘Closing the Ad Spend Gap, a Constant Struggle’

Univision on Friday unveiled plans to roll out over 30 new shows during the 2013-2014 season, and said it will place an emphasis on more targeted, multimedia programming, offering more product integration opportunities than ever before and more engagement with the Hispanic consumer.

During a pre-upfront presentation call with U.S.-based reporters, Univision executives Randy Falco, César Conde, Steve Mandala and Keith Turner discussed programming, ratings, advertising opportunities and plans to close the gap between ad spend in Spanish-language media and English-language media. "It's a constant struggle; one we deal with on a regular basis," said Falco. "We are closing the gap; though it will not happen overnight."

Spending on Spanish-language TV made up about 8% of all TV-ad spending in 2012, per Kantar Media. Still, according to Nielsen Hispanics make up 17% of total viewers and up to 20% of the coveted 18-49 demographic.

"Advertisers can no longer ignore the fact that viewing of the four English-language networks is eroding – down 11 percent season-to-date – whereas Univision’s audience is up and is being fueled by the most significant population trend in the country,” added César Conde, president of the Univision Networks.

Univision on Tuesday morning will host an upfront presentation at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

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