Damian Voltes, Serial Entrepreneur and VC, Director at Patagonia Ventures an early stage fund in LatAm

damian voltesInterview with Damian Voltes

Portada:  Tell us a bit about your career so far?

Damian Voltes: Co-founded EmergingCast a company focused on an Internet-based model for the professional creation of content at scale in LatAm. Acquired by Demand Media (NYSE:DMD). Currently serving as VP, International.

Co-founded Digital Ventures and InZearch leading Ad Network and SEM/SEO Agency in Latin America. Both companies acquired by FOX/News Corp. (NASDAQ:NWS). Post-acquisition, he expanded the global operation of the ad network (now .Fox Networks) from 3 offices in LatAm to 21 offices spread across 4 Continents.

Portada: Why are you qualified to talk about investment opportunities in the Latin media and marketing space?

Damian Voltes: Both questions are answered below in a single response:
Since 1996 I'm involved in the online media business in LatAm being in all the sides of the table:
1. As an entrepreneur (sell-side), I founded and sold 3 online media companies: Digital Ventures (aquired by Fox/News corp), inZearch (also acquired by Fox/News corp) and Emerging Cast (acquired by Demand Media).
2. As a corporate development executive (buy-side), I was VP of Global Business Development at FOX and I've acquired companies in LatAm and Europe, and I've a similar role as VP, International at Demand Media.
3. As an M&A advisor being partner at Group Argent (investment bankers) we did multiple transactions in the online advertising and media industry in the region: DreamAd-Ybrant, AdFunky-Batanga, I-Network-Batanga, Hoodiny-Prisa, among others.
4. As an investor, I participate in 17 internet and media companies in LatAm: Hunt Mobile Ads (Leading Mobile Ad Network in LatAm), ZetaNet (Ad Trading Desk in LatAm), IndexTank (Acquired by Linkedin), FnBox (Sonico), PixOwl, TicTapps, Sumavisos, among others.

Portada: What are the perfect features for a Latin American entrepreneur in the digital media /marketing space?

Damian Voltes: An entrepreneur in LatAm should have creativity to tropicalize successful US business models, adaptability for the frequent changes in the rules in the region, tenacity and determination to execute its business plan. Also, it's important the "business ethics" to have fiscal transparency in their numbers (not so common in LatAm). Last but not least: confidence, self-motivation, intuition, passion, discipline, people skills and ROI focus.


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