Sales Leads LatAm: GM – Facebook, Pepe Ganga Colombia, Tigo Money Paraguay…

A summary for Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

GM - Facebook - Global ::: Pepe Ganga - Colombia ::: Gobernación de Antioquia - Colombia ::: Tigo Money - Paraguay ::: MediaCom - Global ::: Coca Cola - Mexico :::

Pepe Ganga - Gobernación de Antioquia - Colombia

Havas Worldwide Colombia has won Pepe Ganga and Gobernación de Antioquia accounts. Last year, the agency also won Pimpollo account.

GM / Facebook - Global

Facebook won back General Motors as an advertising customer a year after the automaker said it would quit running marketing messages. The test ads, running on Facebook's mobile applications and website, will promote the Chevrolet Sonic subcompact car.

Tigo Money -Paraguay

Laika, the Paraguayan agency leaded by Joaquin Cosp and Oscar Vera has won the Tigo Money account in the country. The agency will be in charge of the communication strategy for the financial mobile services of the brand.

MediaCom Worldwide - Global

MediaCom Worldwide has launched a new unit focusing on technology marketing, through a partnership with fellow WPP agency Banner Corp.The new unit, MediaCom Banner, will target the B2B needs of technology clients. Banner Corp’s former managing director Rupert Denny will lead the new initiative as director and head of MediaCom Banner.

Coca Cola - Mexico

Coca -Cola has launched a new campaign “149 calorías para usar en actividades felices” in the country. The campaign was created in  US by the agency David and adapted to the Mexican culture by Ogilvy Mexico. The campaign will be featured in TV, Cinemas, Outdoor, print and digital media. Also Mexican agencies AB Estudio de Comunicación; Llorente y Cuenca; and Interticket were involved in the launching.

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