Cesanemedia opens Miami office

Cesanamedia, a Milano Italy headquartered international media representative network, is opening an office in Miami to target the Latin American and U.S. markets. Including the new Miami unit, Cesanemedia has 9 branches around the world including Italy, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, USA (New York), France and Switzerland. The company focuses on four main business units; print, digital, TV, and out of home. Cesanemedia has a particularly strong relationship with Italian beauty and fashion advertisers.

Cesanemedia's flagship product for media representation is The New York Times and the Miami office is being opened as a result of the expansion of the representation agreement with The New York Times to Latin America.

The New York Times has several Latin American Spanish-language print editions that are inserted into different local newspapers.

In addition, the New York Times website is read by 1.3 million Latin American unique users a month (ComScore data from November 1012). Main countries are Brazil Mexico and Argentina.

Ana Torres de Navarra, former Director of the New York Times Syndicate, is the Sales Director at Cesane Media's Miami office. Torres is charged with continuingto  further development of The New York Times International Weekly in Latin America, along with the new task of representing The New York Times domestic portfolio in markets such as; Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. She will also be responsible for developing business for the other Cesanamedia properties, including Wallpaper Magazine, a global magazine with a monthly circulation of 105,000.

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