Shopper Marketing: Y&R’s Labstore has U.S. Hispanic ambitions

Young & Rubicam just announced that it is uniting its shopper marketing capabilities in Latin America under the banner of Labstore. Very interesting for the U.S. Hispanic shopper marketing sector is the fact that Y&R's Latin America CEO Eddie Gonzalez told Adweek that the U.S. Hispanic market definitely belongs to Labstore expansion plans. "It’s definitely one area that we’re also looking at for the future—Hispanic markets. Retail in Hispanic markets. It’s key," Gonzalez said.

Hispanic Shopper Marketing is an area of increasing importance for marketers and advertising agencies. To appreciate the role shopper marketing has in overall Marketing plans at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group read our recent interview with Oliva Vela, Multicultural Director at Dr. Pepper's Snapple Group.

Eddie Gonzalez

Eddie Gonzalez, Y&R Latin America CEO

By the end of the year, Labstore will have fully operational new offices  in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico and will work hand-in-hand with the Latin America network of Y&R Advertising. Labstore will have its own P&L and brand itself as a separate unit. Y&R Latin America CEO Eddie Gonzalez discussed the rationale for the branding move and his growth expectations for the unit with Adweek. Gonzalez explained that Labstore was originated in Spain in 2011 with Spanish Telco giant Telefonica as one of its main clients. In other markets, Labstore also serves Colgate and Danone.

Labstore has about 300 employees which share offices with Y&R national Latin American offices. Each office wil have a lead shopper marketing expert. Previously, this capability had different names in different countries. ” For example, in Chile it was called Y&R Retail. Now we’re trying to integrate and consolidate the offering,” Gonzalez noted. The main idea behind the integration is to share learnings and best practices.


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