Portada Quick Hits: Yahoo´s new CEO, Latin Sillicon Valleys, Consumer´s media day…

Some stories the Latin Advertising, Marketing and Media world are talking about this week.

» Yahoo needed a product Person

Lots of talk and analysis on Yahoo’s appointment of Google executive Marissa Mayer as its new CEO. What are the implications of the somewhat surprising choice of Yahoo’s board?

Staci Kramer notes in Paidcontent that “It came down to a sense that Yahoo needed a product person. Mayer has deep product management experience and longevity at a Yahoo competitor. She has a high profile but also an intense work ethic and knows how to deliver. That’s mighty tempting for a company that often has failed to execute.” Kramer adds that the board went “for product with a capital P. What about media? In this view of Yahoo, it’s important but not the heart of the company. “Most of the company is search and mail and the home page,” one person familiar with the board’s thinking said. Mayer, the person said, “built” mail, search and maps at Google. (Her work in mobile products wasn’t mentioned but it should be a big plus.) More important, she “created” engineers who are now throughout the Valley.

» “Mobile’s Role in Consumers Media Day”.

Recently released data shows that mobile accounts for 23% of media consumption time, but just 1% of marketers’ spending”. The Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, just released their study “Mobile’s Role in Consumers Media Day”, Clickz reports. According to the new study: Nearly half, 47 percent, of tablet users say they engage with advertisements more than once a week.  On the smartphone side, 25 percent of users said they have the same weekly engagement. Following ad engagement, 80 percent of smartphone users and 89 percent of tablet users take action, said the report. Nearly one-third of mobile device owners said they were likely to respond to ads that were related to their current location. Almost half- 48 percent - of smartphone users and 59 percent of tablet users said that they regularly conducting local searches on mobile devices while home watching TV. We are going to explore these and other issues at our upcoming Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC, on Sept. 19th!

» Progressive populist governments in Latin America

Gabriel I. Rossman makes an interesting analysis for Eurasia Review about Lugo´s removal in Paraguay. Rossman reports on  Lugo´s government and how it ends in a controversial impeachment.  Is there a new wave of coups in Latin America? Rossman wonders. We certainly hope that this is not the case!

» The Latin Silicon Valleys

The Next Web presents a list of the major cities in South America that are becoming tech hubs. Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Monterrey, Caracas, Buenos Aires… How are they evolving? What are the main tech characteristics of each city? Which are their major players?

» Spain:  Will Telefonica dives its Latin American assets?

Spain’s telecom giant Telefonica is considering ways to sell shares in its entire Latin America business, Gulf News reports. Telefonica needs to reduce debt and one of its options is to sell its substantial Latam assets.

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