Research: Argentina: The Most Engaged Population In the Region at Social Networks

Social Networks are on the rise in Latin America. Globally, 81.4% of all Internet users visit social networking destinations, representing one of the top online activities worldwide. Latin America represented 10.2 % of all social networking visitors from the world in June 2011, according to the recently published study “The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America” by comScore.

Portada presents the state of the most important markets in Latin America. We took a glance at Brazil and Orkut´s leadership and the growth of Facebook in Mexico. Today we are analyzing Argentina´s social network market.

In June, 12.5 million people visited a social networking destination in Argentina, reaching 95.4 of the entire online market, according to comScore study.

An average social networking visitor in Argentina spends 10 hours per month on social networks, making it the most engaged population of social media users in the region and the third most engaged market in the world.

Social networking accounted for the largest share of online minutes at 32.2 percent, nearly doubling from its share from last year.

The growth in share of minutes for the Social Networking category has largely come at the expense of Portals. Last year portals were the top category by share of online minutes, instead in June 2011 Portals are second in the ranking with 24.1 percent of total time spent online.

Instant Messengers also saw their share of minutes decline from 23.2 percent in June 2010 to 14.2 percent share. Entertainment category grew to 9.0 share of total minutes, while E-mail witnessed a slight decline to 7.1 percent share.


As far as properties is concerned, topped the list as the most-visited social network in Argentina with 11.8 million visitors in June 2011, followed by Windows Live Profile with 3 million visitors. ranked third with 2.4 million visitors, while reached 1.6 million visitors and professional social networking site LinkedIn reached 1 million visitors during the month.

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