2011 Latam Summit: Added Speakers from Burger King, Microsoft and Pepsi…

We just added several key executives to an already impressive roster of speakers and panelists of our Latam Advertising and Media Summit, Miami June 1-2.

New confirmed speakers include:

- Jose R. Costa, Vice President, Marketing, Latin America and Caribbean, Burger King Corporation

- Shanna Parra, Regional Marketing Manager at PepsiCo International

- Beth Uyenco, Global Research Director, Microsoft Advertising

- Luis Merino, Head of Music Prisa Radio

- Drew Meyers, Partner, Group Argent

- John Price, Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence


Whether you're in media, advertising, content or finance, these executives will tackle a variety of topics of interest to you including:

  • Focus on Content:
    Digital Innovation: What the World can learn from Latam
    How to monetize Radio content panregionally.
  • Trends to Look For: New Research Findings on Latin American Internet User Behavior. The implications for media planning and buying.

  • Panregional Marketing between the poles of the Centralized, Multilocal and Local model

  • Spotlight on Private Equity/VC: Opportunities for Media and Marketing Ventures Targeting Global Latin Audiences

  • The economic and political background: Is the Latin American Consumer as strong as his stellar reputation?


For eight- years, Portada has kept you informed about the panregional and Latin American advertising and media markets. We remain the best and most reliable source for coverage and insight on what's actually being done -- and in June we'll bring it to you in person at our 2011 Latam Advertising and Media Summit. Tickets are going fast. Register now and take advantage of the early bird rate!

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