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November 30, 2010

Best Practices: Online Marketing to Hispanics

Reaching Hispanics via interactive media should be on the top of any marketers to do list during the next decade. For key data points validating Hispanic marketing read our Special 2010 Census Preview Issue. In the below Q&A, Joe Kutchera, author of “Latino Link” a book recently published by Paramount Books, lets us know about the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to marketing to U.S. Hispanics online. He also provides in-depth views on SEO.

Your View: Sounding Off

The Sounding Off column, published on provides a platform to experts to explain ideas, trends and innovations and their value to the marketplace. Here is a summary of what some of our recent columnists had to say.

News And Trends: Where are the Latin Content Farms?

Content Farms are all the rage in the media and advertising world.Companies like Demand Media, and Yahoo’s Associated Content create thousands of pieces of content per day and are making a big impact on the Web. In fact, these companies are now among the top 30 websites in the U.S. Google and other search engines are important partners of content farms as these companies monetize the traffic that search engines send them through online advertising.

Our View: The Age of POEM

We are in the age of POEM (Paid, Owned and Earned Media). Media planners and brand marketers plan a brand's marketing initiatives using the POEM matrix.

Apps: How Are They Used In Hispanic Advertising And Media?

Applications. Apps… Everyone talks about them. Ipad applications, Iphone applications, Blackberry applications… Consumers, particularly Latin consumers, love them. So do major marketers who use them to connect with and engage the consumer.But can media properties use them to make money to sell sponsorships and advertising?