BREAKING NEWS: Ogilvy Introduces Cross Cultural Practice

Ogilvy is introducing Ogilvy CULTURE, a cross-cultural strategic service communications practice within Ogilvy & Mather. The new practice will develop communications targeting cross cultural audiences in the U.S., rather than treating each ethnic group independently.

John Seifert, chairman of Ogilvy North America, said that there is “no intention to displace agencies that focus on a particular ethnic group”.

Christine Villanueva, Creative planner for OgilvyCULTURE and also planning Director for Time Warner Cable, explained that in 2010 births of Hispanic Black and Asian women will be 50% of all births in the U.S. “The ratio will also be growing over the next few years. Ethnic identities are increasingly fluent”, she added, saying that this “fluency is the main reason for the need for a cross cultural practice.”

The practice currently has the following cross cultural engagements: Hellmann’s, Ragu, Stoli, Slim Fast and Kodak.

Sacha Xavier, Media Director for Neo@Ogilvy in New York, is the strategic media lead for OgilvyCULTURE.
Ogilvy CULTURE will be led by Jeffrey Bowman. Bowman explained that the planning process for clients at the new practice has the following five basic steps:

- Cross Cultural Ambition

- Experience Planning

- Communications Architecture

- Brief

- Effectiveness Plan.

OgilvyCULTURE was introduced at an event last night in New York City.

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