Statistics in Context: Latin America Leads in Advertising Growth….

Latin America was, by far, the region that most grew during the first half of 2010 compared to the same period of 2009, according to statistics by The Nielsen Company. The impressive growth rate of 44.5% was the result of Latin America’s high economic growth, spurred by high commodity prices and overall sound macroeconomic policies. Advertising expenditures in Brazil leapt 50.2% and Mexico registered a 40% improvement. Latin American Financial Services Groups furthered their advertising outlay by 73.9%, according to the Nielsen Company. 

…. and the U.S. grows again, with Spanish TV and Cable on fire

In the U.S. the good news is that advertising expenditures overall are growing again, according to the Nielsen Company.

Looking at ad spending across media types, U.S. television (network, cable, syndication, spot, Spanish Language network and Spanish Language cable) continues to dominate, accounting for $33.8 billion in advertising during the 1H10, a 6 percent increase over last year. Spanish language network TV and Cable TV in particular saw the biggest gains, up 24 percent and 13 percent respectively over 1H09.

Print media overall (national and local magazines, newspapers, Sunday supplements and B2B) was flat, however, national Sunday supplements received a significant uptick with 20.5 percent growth over last year. National magazines were also up 7.4 percent. Alternatively, local Sunday supplements and national newspapers declined 7.9 percent and 6.9 percent respectively.

U.S. Ad Spend by Media Type

Media Type

Jan-Jun 2009

Jan-Jun 2010

% Change

Business to Business




Cable TV




FSI Coupon




Local Magazine




Local Newspaper




Local Sunday Supplement




National Magazine




National Newspaper




National Sunday Supplement




Network Radio




Network TV








Spanish Language Cable TV




Spanish Language Network TV




Spot Radio




Spot TV




Syndicated TV








*Excludes Internet spending.

Source: The Nielsen Company

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