October 1, 2010

Review: 2010 Panregional Advertising and Media Summit

Portada's Annual Summit is becoming the annual meeting point for the Global Latin Advertising, Media and Content World. Plans for an expanded 2011 Summit. Main points: Increasing Confidence in Latin America, The Efficiency of Panregional Media Buys, The Relevance of Media Brands and more…

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The Pelaez Case: How Did Hispanic Media Cover It?

In late June an unprecedented event unfolded in the U.S. Hispanic media industry. A renowned journalist and columnist was arrested along with ten other people, including her husband, on charges of suspected espionage on behalf of the Russian Federation. As we know, the journalist in question was Vicky Pelaez, a columnist for El Diario/La Prensa, which is owned by ImpreMedia. The case led to widespread coverage in both English and Spanish-language media, and allowed us to see how U.S. Hispanic media and the U.S. English-language media and Latin American media can end up competing covering the same news.

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