“There is a tremendous opportunity”, G. Stiglitz, CEO Orange Advertising Network Americas

Orange Advertising Networks introduced its online ad network targeting the Americas last November. Portada interviewed, Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO Orange Advertising Network Americas. Stiglitz explains how his online ad network is developing and its relationship with StarMedia.

Portada: Will Starmedia sales executives be “branding” themselves now as Orange Advertising Network?

Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO Orange Advertising Network Americas: “Well, we are not branding ourselves as OAN, we are Orange Advertising Network. “

Portada: If so why are you taking this decision?

Giuliano Stiglitz: “As you already know, we are now reporting to the LoB (line of Business) in Paris, our Advertising and Audiences solution Business Unit. Latin America and the US Hispanic market are a strategic component for our growth in the company and after launching Orange Advertising Network Americas last November we are aligning our branding efforts with our peers in Europe and our offices in the rest of the World. And of course this allows us to better use the resources of our organization, from global footprint experience to market research.

We exclusively represent top premium publishers in the region and of course starMedia, one of our most important sites, will be commercialized through Orange Advertising Network Americas, both in the US and Latin America.”

Portada: What is the strategy for Orange Advertising Network in the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America?

Giuliano Stiglitz: “There’s a tremendous opportunity in the region in terms of online advertising and we have the experience to become a strong partner not only for our premium publishers, but also for our advertisers, which need help and advice in understanding how to address the market in the most efficient way. We can help them to reach their target audience. We offer a complete portfolio of online marketing solutions, from site specific placements and run of network, to performance and branded entertainment. Our transparent network of premium sites allow us to reach a loyal audience and that is being reflected in the results of our campaigns.”


Portada: Any other comments you care to share.

Giuliano Stiglitz: “Thanks for putting together a great event in Miami, and we need more events like the one Portada organized. Information and sharing experiences with the market is key.”*

*Stiglitz attended Portada’s recent Panregional Advertising and Media Summit last June 3 in Miami.

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