Content for the Latin World: Terra

Today we take a look into how major digital media company, Terra Networks, that is present in Latin America, U.S. Hispanic and Spain manages its content.

Terra has individual and unique websites for each country, instead of a global edition, and has a regional team for each country.

Terra USA has traffic of 3.8 million unique users in the United States, while Terra Latin America has a total traffic of 60 million unique users.

In terms of content, special content is shared in specific cases, but the vast majority of each site’s content is produced by the local team. Since Terra has local reporters in each country, content is written in the common language for each country.

"As a true horizontal portal, Terra manages and produces different content, but our strong suit is News, Sports, Music and Entertainment. Terra USA produces content in both Spanish and English to reach the bilingual Hispanic market in the U.S. Each country has its own content and exclusives, but we also share special content between countries," says Lina Baena, Account Manager, C-Com Group, Inc.. a company that manages PR for Terra.

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