And the 2010 Panregional Advertising and Media Award Winners are…

Attendees to our 2010 Panregional Advertising and Media Summit had the opportunity to learn first hand about the Award winners of the 2010 edition. The awards were sponsored by El Mundo America. Jaime del Toro, General Director of Unidad Editorial America (the publisher of El Mundo America) and Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada announced the Award winners and handed the award trophy to the winning individuals/teams. Read who they were and watch their creative below!

Award Ceremony Sponsored by El Mundo América:

The Winners are:

Top Panregional Advertising Campaign
Sony Bloggie MP4 Video Camera / Media 8 Digital Marketing



Top Panregional Digital Advertising Campaign
Sony/Media 8 Digital Marketing


Top Panregional Media Innovation
Sony Ericsson Sonic Xperience/Sony Pictures Television


Top Content Provider to Spanish-Speaking Audiences
Vanidades (click here to see a presentation about Vanidades!)

Top Panregional Advertising and Media Professional of the Year
Natalia Vasco, Managing Director, Havas Media.


(Click here to see all the creative videos at Portada's YouTube Channel)

Portada's Panregional Advertising and Media Awards reward excellency in Latin American (panregional) advertising campaigns, in media properties targeting pan-latin audiences and professionalism in Latin American (panregional) Marketing and Media professionals. The award nomination process and the award choosing process are entirely democratic. Members of Portada’s audience, nominate a candidate in each category. After the nomination process the voting process starts. Each user can only vote one time in each category. The most voted individuals/projects win.

The 2011 Panregional Advertising and Media Summit will take place on June 2, 2011 in Miami. The event will be expanded with a separate Award Show and additional topics.


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