Portada Quick Hits: Ning, Capital Business, Colombia, Social Networks

»Paidcontent reports that Gina Bianchini, the long-time head (and co-founder) of build-your-own social network service Ning, resigned. Ning hosts many Latin American (e.g. Neurona Digital) and Hispanic social networks. Ning is; she’s joining Ning backer Andreesen Horowitz as an executive in residence.
There are more than 2.3 million social networks under the Ning banner. Approximately 5,000 are being added a day.

» Media and IT Investment Bank Group Argent has an interesting and positive perspective on the Colombian market. In a blog post they say: “We talked with entrepreneurs, professionals, taxi drivers and bankers, ate out several times, walked the crowded aisles of shopping malls, and observed the economic and social activity of this busy city of 7 million people.”, the blog post authors say.

During 2008, $10.6 billion came into the country. International companies including SAB Miller, Drummond, Votorantim, Phillip Morris, GE Money were among the many to invest in multimillion dollar projects.” In the media category there is a lot going on too (e.g. our recent report about Spain’s media group Planeta’s presence in Colombia).

» The Washington Post is launching a new weekly publication called Capital Business, Folio reports. The new publication will feature original enterprise reporting, business analysis, commentary, industry trends and will highlight regional entrepreneurs. The new publication will be led by editor Dan Beyers and general manager Arnie Applebaum, who will oversee the publication’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Applebaum will continue to serve as general manager of The Washington Post Co.’s El Tiempo Latino and Express.

» Emarketer highlights the results of a study by La Agencia de Orci, according to which U.S. advertisers acknowledge Hispanics’ Impact on the U.S. but half do not market to them. Still fewer are marketing to them on social networking sites: 78% of US companies said they had not used any social media to engage Hispanics. Those marketers that had done so primarily used Facebook and Twitter.

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