Changing Places: Beatriz Romero {Pfizer México}, Blake Chandlee {Facebook } Tim Murray {Contexweb}..

Beatriz Romero has been appointed by Pfizer Mexico as marketing manager for Viagra. Romero's goals are to strengthen the growth of Viagra on the market and also maintain its current leadership position in the category.
Beatriz Romero has a great experience working for the pharmaceutical industry, both in ethical drugs as nonprescription drugs.

In Facebook, Blake Chandlee has been appointed as vice president of sales for Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Blake Chandlee was already part of the team of Facebook as vice president of sales and business development for Europe Middle East and Africa.

Tim Murray starts as CEO in ContexWeb, taking the place of Anand Subramanian. Anand Subramanian, who leaves the post to Tim Murray, ex AT & T, will remain as president of Adsdaq in the company at New York.

Yago Castillo is the new General Director of Rich&Reach y Direct, a Business unit of oline Ad-Network and e-mail marketer Antevenio. Antevenio is headquartered in Spain and has offices in Argentina. Until recently Castillo worked at online sales director at Vocento and befote that at Telefonica TPi, MSN and T-Kom in Argentina.

Finally, the National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry has appointed new members for the period 2010-2012. The new Board was elected at the recently held Annual General Assembly of the Chamber. The new president is Victorico Albores Santiago, and Enrique Cuevas Lere (for periodical publications) and Hugo Andreas Setzer Letsche (book publishing division) are the new vicepresidents. The rest of the Board is composed by Marcelo Uribe Muñúzuri as Secretary, Jesus Lamadrid Galera as Treasurer, Francisco José Gómez Ruiz as pro-secretary and Ivan Ibarra Martí Mozo as Pro-Treasurer.

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